2017 has been a busy year for the group.  The project continues to develop with improvements made in several areas . Plant labels have been improved to facilitate easy reading.  Access to water has been another issue with the National Wool Museum kindly supplying and fitting a water butt which collects rainwater for use in the dye garden.  This is particularly useful when establishing new plants.


Seeds were distributed to group members in the spring for individuals to sow and grow on, ready for planting in May.  Dyer’s Greenweed seeds proved again to be difficult to germinate but woad, Dyer’s coreopsis, Dyer’s chamomile and French marigolds were more successful.


Detailed planning regarding the planting up of each bed also takes place in the spring which involves reviewing the success of the plants in the previous year and consideration of the overall look of each bed.

Golden rod had grown so well the previous year that it was decided to move it to its own space.   The museum agreed to provide a half barrel for this purpose which is now in position close to the willow structure.


This year Dyer’s chamomile, woad and weld have grown well.  Delphiniums provided a lovely colour contrast alongside the yellow flowers of Dyer’s chamomile and the weld.  Dyer’s coreopsis and  dahlias, although slow to establish, are also producing many flowers.  Harvesting is well underway.


Children from the Penboyr Primary School Eco group have been involved in planting out the marigolds and yarrow.  These plants have also had a good growing season.


The group is currently planning its contribution to the Woolly Week event to be hosted by the National Wool Museum in October.  The end of season dye workshop will take place as part of this event.


Our work continues ...

                                                                                                                                                Helen Fogden

                                                                                                                                                     August 2017

Labelling System

Pictures from top left to right:

Labelling System (Welsh Name, Botanical Name, English Name)  I, Labelling System II, Woad Leaves, Woad in Flower

Woad Seeds, Golden Rod in Barrel, Dahlia Flowerhead, Dyer's Coreopsis

Dyer's Coreopsis and Yarrow, Dyer's Chamomile, Weld and Delphiniums, Close up of Delphinium and Weld Spikes, Dyer's Chamomile, Weld and Delphiniums with Information Panel

Overview of Natural Dye Bed Garden, Golden Rod in Flower, Susan Martin digging up Phuopsis roots for dyeing with the eco group from Ysgol Penboyr looking onl