Jo and Lee Hicks' Garden



I came to Wales from Australia where gardening was all about sprinklers, and times allowed to use them.   So to have an area of green grass and some trees was an exciting challenge.


I had first to remove a huge ash tree (its twin Silver Birch remains), and I bought a Flymo.   In the next spring, the Snowdrops and the Daffodils surprised me and the apple and damson trees yielded fruit.


Then I made a way down to the stream which, because of the overgrowth, I could hear and not see.   A few conifers in pots were already here so I made a bed for them and had a crazy path laid.   Further paving, steps and walls I built and put in later.  So too, the rockery I created from rocks discovered after penetrating the woodland.


I had to remove the rest of a tip: 30 odd bags of broken glass, a motor car,  and had to have huge bonfires.  I then cut away a part of a hedge for truck access.  Then a fence was needed; the surplus timber was used to build Fort Knox, a Utility area.  The paths began and gradually the thinning of some trees, planting of others, and the ground covers and shrubs took root. 


Later came the deck and lookouts in the woodland.


As my interest grew so did the garden.   Twenty years on it still keeps me busy, and gives my visitors much delight.


Jo Hicks

How it all started ....

The garden as it is now, in all its glory