2017 Show Review


This year’s Horticultural and Craft Show marked the 30th Anniversary of our annual event and was presided over by John Crossley accompanied by his wife, Angela.

We had a fantastic turn out and a wonderful display of local talent.  A prominent feature of the show was the high standard of art work exhibited by pupils from Ysgol Penboyr.

Exhibits from Gardening Club members were up compared to last year and we had some very positive feedback from our judges who so generously gave up their time and expertise to support the Show.   Our judges this year were: Sarah Redman (Flowers, Roses and Floral Art), Oliver Jones (Vegetables, Vegetables Fun Class and Fruit), Elonwy James (Cookery and Preserves), Celtic Wines (Wine and Other Drinks), Diane Mathias (Art and Children’s Class, 8-11 Years), Dawn Davies (Photography), Rosalie Gregorian (Needlework), Eifion Thomas (Handicrafts), Stella Jones (Junior Class, 4-7 Years)

We look forward to building on the success of this year’s show in 2018 and we would like to invite any members to give feedback either by email to or in writing via the suggestion box at the monthly Club meetings.

If any members would like to get more involved in next year’s Show, please contact Rena McOwat via the Club email.

We would like to extend our thanks once again to the President, sponsors, judges, organisers, helpers, exhibitors and supporters for making the 30th Anniversary Show so memorable.




Class   1 Dahlia 3 blooms Cactus

          2 Dahlia 5 blooms pom-pom

          3 Dahlia 3 blooms miscellaneous

          4 Marigolds 5 stems

          5 Sweet Peas 5 stems

          6 Hydrangeas 3 blooms

          7 3 stems of flowers (all same variety) not inc. in any other class

          8 A Fuchsia in a pot Max. pot size 8”diam.

          9 A Foliage plant in a pot Max. pot size 8”diam.

          10 A flowering plant in a pot Max. pot size 8”diam

          11 A vase of garden flowers for quality and variety

          12 A vase of garden flowers for quality and variety (Novice)


Class   15 Large Flowered 1 bloom

          16 Cluster Flowered 3 Stems

          17 Vase or Bowl 6 blooms or stems mixed varieties

          18 Vase or Bowl 6 blooms or stems mixed varieties(Novice)


Class   20 An arrangement of fresh flowers and foliage

          "The Title of a Book"  " 18”x18”x18” max

          21 An arrangement of fresh flowers in a box, incorporating an item of jewellery" 4" x 4" max

          22 An arrangement of foliage and flowers with 5 shades of the same colour

          23 A decorated floral hat


 Class   25 Beetroot (Globe) 3 with tops trimmed to 5cm

          26 Carrots, long 3 with tops trimmed to 5cm

          27 Carrots, other than long 3 with tops trimmed to 5cm (Novice)

          28 Cabbage 1 with approx 8cm stalk

          29 Courgettes (long type) 3 up to 21cm in length

          30 Cucumbers 2 with stalks

          31 Garlic 3 bulbs with 8cm stems

          32 Leeks 3 with tops

          33 Onions -Large 3 large

          34 Runner beans 4 pods with stems (Novice) 

          35 Parsnips 3 with tops trimmed to 11cm

          36 Runner Beans 4 pods with stems

          37 Peas 3 pods with stems

          38 Potatoes, white 4

          39 Potatoes, coloured 4

          40 Shallots 5

          41 Sweet Peppers 2

          42 Tomatoes 4 with ½” stems

          43 Tomatoes Cherry 6 wit 1/2" stems

          44 Tomatoes (Novice) 4 with 1.5cm stems

          45 Lettuce one of any variety 

          46 French Beans 4 pods with stems

          47 Any other vegetable of any variety, shape or colour

          48 A collection of vegetables (Novice)

          Minimum of 5 varieties in a box (Max. size 18”x12” overall)

          49 A collection of herbs minimum of 5 sprigs

          50 Top Tray 1st prize £5 2nd prize £2.50 See above for details


No points or cash prizes will be awarded in this division - (there is a trophy for each class) 

Class   55 Heaviest Marrow

          56 Heaviest Onion

          57 Oddest Shape Vegetable

          58 Heaviest Potato

          59 Biggest Pot Leek (circumference)

          60. Longest Runner Bean


Class   65 Rhubarb 3 sticks with leaves trimmed to 8cm

          66 Dessert Apples 3 with stalks

          67 Cooking Apples 3 with stalks

          68 Plums 5 with stalks

          69 Basket of mixed fruit minimum of 3 different fruits


Class   75  1 loaf (Oven baked) 

          76 6 Welsh Cakes 

          77 4 cheese scones 

          78 1 fruit pie (any variety) 

          79 Low sugar Bara Brith Cake (see set recipe)

          80 4 sausage rolls 

          81 sponge cake (Novice) 

          82 Trifle for one 

          83 Shortbread (Novice) 

          84 Gingerbread family biscuits - aged 16 and under 

          85 Homemade confectionary 

          86 A Large Decorated Cake 

          87 Dish of 4 Brown Eggs 

          88 Dish of 4 White Eggs 



Note: see Rule 14

Class   90 Jam - any variety

          91 Fruit Jelly - any variety

          92 Marmalade - any variety

          93 Jam any variety (Novice) 

          94 Pickled Onions 

          95 Chutney 

           96 Honey 


Note:- see rule 15

Class   100 Dry White

          101 Sweet White

          102 Medium White

          103 Dry Red

          104 Elderflower Cordial

          105 Medium Red

          106 Rosé

          107 Lemonade

          108 Fruit Liqueur

DIVISION 10 - ARTS (For all ages)

Class   110 Painting in Oil or Acrylic max size 24”x 18”

          111 Painting in Watercolour max size 24”x 18”

          112 Picture in any other media max size 24”x 18”

          113 Black and White Drawing max size 24”x 18”

          114 A Photograph “Clouds” Colour print (max size A4)

          115 A Photograph “Cobwebs” Black & White (max size A4)

          116 A Photograph “Single flower head” Colour print (max.size A5)

          117 A Photograph “Bridge” Colour print (max.size A5)




Class   120 A Crocheted Article 

          121 Hand Knitted Article 

          122 Embroiderd Article 

          123 Cross Stitch Article 

          124 Needle felted article 

          125 Patchwork Article 

          126 Baby Item from New Born to 12 Months 

          127 Any item of needlework not included above 

          128 Any needlework item made by young people 16 years of age and under

          129 Any article in this division (Novice) 

Please note: For class 125 - Please state if any quilting on entry is your own work or a professional addition.



Class   130 A Handmade Article in Wood 

          131 A Turned Article in Wood 

          132 A Handmade Article in Pottery 

          133 A Handmade Article in Metal 

          134 Item of handicraft (any medium) recycled Materials 

          135 An item of basketery 

          136 An item of handmade jewellery 

          137 A Handmade card for Christmas 

          138 Ant handicraft made by a person 11 years or under

          139 Any handicraft item made by a young person 12 to 16 years of age

DIVISION 13 Junior CLASS ( 4-7 YEARS inclusive (NOT ADULTS) )

Class   140 "A monster made from recycled material"

          141   "A handmade decorated pencil holder"


Class   145 "A computer generated party invitation 

          146  An animal made from recycled material 


DIVISION 15 Local Gardens in Bloom

Note rule 17

Class     150 One photograph of your garden 

          151 One photograph of your container garden 



 Please note, the photograph can have been taken at any time in the last twelve months and will be judged on content, not photographic skills. Size  should not exceed A4  (8” x 12”).

A selection of  photos from this year's Show.   If anyone has any photos that they wish to share, please send them through to the Club email